Little BU nail polish is the work of born beauty enthusiast Patricia Dente Haimes

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It’s not every day that you come across a nail polish with such an interesting backstory. The multi-award winning Little BU Nail Lacquer is the brainchild of Patricia Dente Haimes, a passionate beauty enthusiast who has used her insight and creativity to create products that are in a class of their own.

Little BU, which stands for ‘Beautifully Unique’, is the result of years of research and experimentation by Haimes. When she made strides in the beauty industry as a licensed esthetician, she decided it was time to take her craft one step further and launch her own line. Since then, Little BU has developed its own cult following, becoming one of the go-to brands for those looking for unique nail lacquers.

Haimes started making nail polish in her kitchen sink — literally. With any free time she had, she would mix pigments, dyes and ingredients until she achieved a colour palette just right for what makes up each bottle of nail polish today. But this isn’t your typical mass-produced product; these shades are created to speak to how we express ourselves daily through our style choices — unapologetic, daring and without compromise.

From sky blue to fuchsia pink and neon green – each shade from Little BU is inspired by life’s special moments (think: sunsets at dusk or sunrise on the beach). Each hue is carefully selected from around the world, ensuring that quality isn’t compromised for quantity or any short-term trends. This mentality sets Little BU apart from competitors because when it comes to beauty trends – they last forever if you do it right!

For Haimes, being able to bring artistry back into nails is incredibly important; this means having products devoid of chemicals like dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde resin and camphor—ingredients linked to everything from skin irritation allergies tu reproductive toxicity — something that you won’t find with any other high end brand! Instead they use natural oils like avocado oil , coconut oil , even grapeseed oil , which help nourish your skin-leaving nails looking healthy beautiful underneath too!

Little BUs five-free formula ensures that every order gets treated with love and care during manufacture – not only does this guarantee perfect colours everytime but it also helps keep kids safe since all polishes are lead free as well. The pinks purples blues greens – all unified under the name “Beautifully Unique” showcasing more than just vibrant colourways but also safety feels great on fingertips too!

When creating her signature line of nail lacquers Patricia Dente Haimes clearly wanted an eye pleasing desirable product that did more than just look pretty upon application – so why not try a little bit something unique revive artsy enthusiasm? For whatever looks uniquely yours – look no further than Little Bu Nail Lacquer!