Her passion turned into a successful career in New York as a beauty columnist

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If there’s anything that successful people have in common, it’s a burning passion that they followed to make their dreams a reality. This is certainly true of Neha Parekh, a beauty columnist who launched her career in New York City.

Parekh, who was born and raised in New Delhi, moved to the Big Apple at the ripe age of twenty-two to pursue her ambition. Her love of beauty and cosmetics had been with her since she was a small child experimenting with makeup on herself and her friends. A hobby quickly turned into an obsession; this became an incredible strength that she drew upon when life got tough—it never steered her wrong.

To support herself during college, Parekh worked as a makeup artist for some of Manhattan’s trendiest salons and boutiques. She developed amazing relationships with her customers as she listened intently to their individual stories and catered every look to their personal flair. She soon realized that it wasn’t just about applying makeup perfectly; it was about celebrating someone’s individual traits and helping them accentuate the best parts of their personalities through beauty.

As Neha graduated from college, she started writing for several high-profile platforms such as StyleCracker, Times of India and Beauty Lowlife – sharing many “Makeup Mistakes To Steer Clear Of” type posts that resonated deeply with readers trying to find their way through the beauty jungle. It didn’t take long before people came knocking – they wanted more advice on how they could present themselves as individuals while still looking put together.

Inspired by these requests for more knowledge on beauty trends, Parekh wrote a book: All Things Beauty: Swipe Smartly Through The Beauty Jungle. Despite setbacks during the publication process due to Covid-19, Parekh used this time for self exploration as well as creating more content like videos showcasing how different products actually performances on skin types without any flashy filters or exaggerations.

Her honest approach has now made Neha much sought after in both digital media and the lifestyle world with appearances on shows including CNBC Asia Rise & Shine Asia and countless interviews discussing diverse topics like innovative sparkle recipes or underlying relationship between designers & beauticians or entrepreneurs & hotshot investors! Today she advises brands like Lancome Paris, Chanel & MAC Cosmetics on future strategies while actively influencing independent niche players too!
Merging artistry with current industry standards around safety regulations is also something which she continuously tries to bring out through educational seminars across Germany & France! She trusts that sipping coffee surrounded by passionate colleagues watching others perfecting their craft is key for producing work which touches audience emotionally..

Most importantly though Neha firmly believes passionately pursuing your dreams will not just make you feel good today but also empower generations of hungry dreamers tomorrow…This story is truly inspiring especially for those “beauty fanatics” out there seeking career success in the same field – reminding us all to keep believing no matter what happens because everything is truly possible if you show up every day empowered by your wildest dreams!